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For Release September 27, 2004

NEC Releases new Product for Recording Phone Calls

Record, Store and Manage Calls

The new DTerm® Voice Security Recorder (VSR) from NEC Unified Solutions is a USB device that enables DTerm Series i and Electra Elite® IPK telephone users to record, store and manage their calls.

The DTerm VSR is plug n’ play. A USB port connects to the VSR unit from your PC and also gets connected to your existing digital ports; no additional power or wiring is required. The unit may be personalized to automatically record all calls or manually controlled to only record the conversations you select. All recordings are stored on the local PC and not on the telephone system. This is the ideal solution for users with the occasional need to document a call or for a business that records all calls for security purposes.

Each unit ships with application software that allows a user to select features and options using convenient graphical tabs:

The Playback Tab

The playback tab allows the user to list and play recorded conversations. The playback tab shows a graphical representation of the volume level of the call with a cursor that indicates the current position of playback. The cursor can be dragged forwards or backwards to allow rapid selection of the appropriate section to playback.

Record Tab

The Record tab allows the user to view recording levels and to control the recording. The ‘Oscilloscope’ shows the levels on the line separately (Microphone shows the user’s level and Speaker shows the distant party level.) Manual start, stop & pause buttons control the recording status.

Options Tab

The options tab allows the user to select the various setup items of the DTerm VSR.

File Management Tab 

The DTerm VSR allows the user to automatically delete non-important calls when the allocated disk space becomes used or when conversations are over a certain number of days old. Conversations are permanently stored by pressing the ‘!’ (important) button during recording or playback.

The versatility of the DTerm Voice Security Recorder positions it as a solution for almost any business. Some examples of use:

- Message Taking – The DTerm VSR is the perfect messaging solution for businesses that wish to provide personal service and don’t want to put callers through to voice mail. Simply ask callers what message they would like to leave and instead of writing it down, record the call and email it to the recipient.

- Security Station – When set for Automatic Answer the DTerm VSR acts as a security device recording all incoming call activity.

- Supervisor Monitoring – Use the Silent Monitor feature in conjunction with the DTerm VSR Recorder to simultaneously listen and record agent activity.

- Conference Calls – The DTerm VSR is the perfect way to record conference calls, even when a speakerphone is used.

- Voice Mail Calls – The DTerm VSR can be used to record voice mail message playback converting the voice message into a .wav file for easy email transfer.

- Dictation – The DTerm VSR is a great way to use the telephone handset to dictate letters or notes for retrieval later or for an assistant to type. Simply allocate a spare trunk port (not connected) to allow distant end

- Order Placement & Credit Control – Use the Dterm VSR in a procurement department or credit control to ensure verbal transactions or commitments and promises are recorded