CTVI  Introduces "Plug and Watch" Video Surveillance

Released October, 2000

Adam Dicter Writer


 “Plug And Watch” system adds security and convenience at low cost.

 Imagine sitting at your desk and having instant visual access anywhere in your office, just by clicking your mouse. Now imagine having that added security and comfort with no additional software on your computer and only a minimal hardware installation. The network camera is a “Plug and Watch” device that attaches directly to your network, wherever there is a LAN connection.

“The best thing about this system is that it works with Internet Explorer or other systems,” says Alexander Adler, president of Computer Telephone Video Integrators. Some of the cameras we sell come with a built in webserver and web interface  for quick and easy installation. Just connect to your network, assign an IP address and its complete.”

 The AXIS 2100 is just one of many systems melding the worlds of video and computer systems, says Adler. Many companies, especially small businesses, are hard pressed to keep up with all the latest technological developments that could streamline operations, improve the efficiency of telecommuting, consolidate resources and ultimately increase profits. That’s what makes CTVI a crucial resource in this fast-paced age of computer, telephone and video innovations.

“When we needed to expand our phone network, CTVI knew the product and was able to customize it,” says Morris Grajower, president of New Age Media Systems, an Internet marketing research data provider. “Alex Adler was able to provide everything, from cabling to training tools, and take care of all our needs.”

 Founded in 1990, CTVI has built a reputation on sincerity, reliability and concern for customers’ needs. The cornerstone of CTVI’s operation is the burgeoning field of Internet telephony.

“Right now, VOIP has yet to maximize its efficiency,” says Adler. “It does not make sense in all cases.  Companies interconnecting their branch offices via the Internet. are seeing return on their investment but companies installing VOIP within their office are not seeing the benefits.(for more on this subject see release 103)

 Also on the horizon is a new level of availability for video conferencing. “Among local and long distance companies, prices are dropping for the bandwidth necessary for video conferencing,” says Adler. “It will become very affordable.”

 But even as new technology dawns, more companies are reducing staff demands through existing technology such as voice mail systems. CTVI has assisted such large corporations as Xerox, Qwest and Viatel in setting up office voice mail systems, but also specializes in custom service for small businesses. “People come to us for our one-stop expertise,” says Adler. “You don’t need to call 20 different companies. Take advantage of the economy of skills.”